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Art By Those With Autism

Were very proud to announce that Artism: Art By Those With Autism won the Global Book Award for December 2003, which provides a $25,000 marketing campaign for the book.

Artism was created after we invited input from audiences on both the Autism Today and the Autism Arts websites. We received a flood of responses from artists with Autism Spectrum Disorders and we were bowled over by the quantity and the quality of submissions. Eventually, of course, we had to narrow them down to the showpieces you find within Artism's pages. The gifts of Donna Williams, Mark Rimland, Amin Collins, and 41 other inspiring artists are represented within Artism's covers.

This was a labour of love for Karen Simmons and for all of us at Autism Today. Karen was inspired by three wonderful artists in her life representing three generations of talent... her mother, her sister, and her son Jonathon Sicoli.

The award confirms that people on the autistic continuum have beautiful contributions to make to our world. Purchase your own copy and see for yourself!

Press here to order your copy now.

The Autism Today Team


  • Includes over 65 pages of sensational artwork by people with autism.
  • Very reasonably priced.
  • Be the first to have Artism on your coffee table!
  • Excellent gifts for everyone!
  • The only diverse autism art compilation released to date!
Press Here To Get Your Copy Today!

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